World class method to breakthrough your glass ceiling unlock your potential, freedom and fulfilment 

How to dramatically change your experience by working on the #1 factor which will upgrade all areas of your life.

After spending 2 decades, half million dollars and all my energy on personal growth learning to improve the experience of my life. I have embarked on a mission to simplify, educate and empower you to do the same.

I created Master Your Experience mentorship programs with the goal to:

  • Provide you with the knowledge, tools and resources to take your own life, relationships, health and performance to the next level.

  • Guide you on your journey to breakthrough your glass ceiling to unlock your potential, freedom and fulfilment.

  • Empower you to Master Your Experience whilst significantly saving you time, money and energy.

 2 decades experience studying with world leaders
 Invested half million dollars in personal growth
 Unique holistic approach linking 20+ disciplines

Are you living a life of fulfilment or frustration?

I get it, being successful feels great, but does it need to come at such a mental, emotional and physical cost?

The client's that I work with are independent, responsible, action oriented, result focused and driven by the thought of building a better future.

They are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes in order to get to where they want to be. These are all amazing traits and do produce results, but come with some unspoken costs:


Life is a constant struggle, you feel exhausted, stressed out and are trying to fix everything for everyone.

Feeling unfulfilled in your career or business, you are constantly striving for the next promotion or goal. No matter how much you earn it never feels like enough.

 Not being appreciated, recognised, valued or loved for who you really are or what's most important for you. As a result, you are easily triggered.

You don't have time for yourself, your own peace and wellbeing, let alone time for personal growth and development. You are not able to prioritise your own needs.

You cannot speak what is truly in your heart or mind without being judged, criticised or it creating conflict.

All this leads to: Confusion Overwhelm Inaction Self-criticism.

Video: See how I struggled in my own journey, the frustration it caused and how eventually learned to overcome it.

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, therefore true freedom always starts with self-awareness.

Here's what top business leaders are saying:

Peter Sage - Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur, Expert in Human Behavior, 6 times TEDx Speaker, Best Selling Author

"Dean and I go back since 2013. He went from becoming one of my top students to now one of my absolute favorite Trainers. He is an expert when it comes to understanding the concepts of human behavior, transformation and facilitating lasting results. I trust this man with my life. I learn just as much from him, as he does from me. The gifts he has given to the world as a result of who he has become, continuously touches the hearts and minds of those fortunate to meet him."

Tim Gray - Founder & CEO

Leading Biohacker, Psychology Specialist, Serial Entrepreneur, Global Speaker

"I met Dean on a self development course 15 years ago in London. We bonded exceptionally well because he has such a high level of emotional intelligence and a genuine interest in helping others unravel their issues and negative self-talk. He came from a corporate background knowing that the system was broken, and wanted to help people become better versions of themselves. He is my go to for having a very solid trusted second opinion on anything that I may be going through."

Asad Khan - Founder & CEO

International Entrepreneur, 'Great Taste Award' Winner, Business Mentor

"There are very few people I’ve met who have the depth of knowledge, insight, experience, and actual application of the work on themselves. Dean stands out as one of these rare individuals with talent and a high level of consciousness. For me, Dean has been at the heart of many profound breakthroughs in understanding so much about myself and my life, since 2014 when we first met. When I need to talk about anything important, be it professionally, in my personal relationships or with my health, Dean is my man who I call."

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I will guide you to Master Your Experience in 3 key ways:

Master Your Awareness

Acquiring new awarenesses of yourself, you will learn to master your mind and emotions to release old patterns, move beyond your programming and unlock new energy, health and vitality.

Master Your Relationships

By improving your communication skills and understanding advanced human behaviour you will experience deeper authentic connections and relationships. Be seen as your true authentic self and feel loved, valued and appreciated.

Master Your Manifestation

Work within the rules of the manifestation process and take specific actions that will create a new reality that aligns with your purpose, contribution and fulfilment.

If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster” - Stephen Covey

Are you expecting all your problems to disappear with more success?

I was sold the same lie you were! 

That chasing success by working harder and faster would lead to me to fulfill all my desires and for all my problems to disappear.

I also believed that I would be proud, happy and loved only when I made it to the top of success mountain. But in reality, all that I experienced was frustration, exhaustion and loneliness no matter how much I achieved.

I was leading a quiet life of desperation, constantly focusing on my next goals, anxiously consuming endless information and feeling overwhelmed with stress.

You cannot find fulfillment by chasing achievements, this is a perpetual hamster wheel to nowhere!

Photo: My former professional life in the corporate world leading the customer experience program for a global health insurance company.

Hear a breakthrough experience:


Derek Azul

Financial Trader & Technical Project Manager USA

"I’ve been searching for something like this for decades. To make a change, to figure out these questions I had in my mind, to break through these barriers. My goal was to accelerate my growth and breakthrough my glass ceiling. Those one-on-one coaching sessions really helped me shatter through the glass ceiling. I don’t think there is actually a faster way to make that happen. It’s probably the best thing I’ve done for my personal growth, because I can see it’s changed me in so many different ways, personally, my relationships, my work, my stress levels, my health. It’s made tremendous changes in all those areas. I feel more fulfilled. I can make better decisions, there are better changes happening in my life."

Discover the #1 hidden factor that determines absolutely everything in your life!

Did you know that your reality will only change when you evolve your level of experience?

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it" - Albert Einstein

Understanding this framework provides an empowering lens to:

Gain clarity of your journey up until this point.

 Know why you are experiencing all the challenges you are facing.

 Get a clear road map of how you can improve your life experience.

 Know why other people behave and react the way they do.

 Unhook from other people's stories, behaviour and comments

This knowledge, if applied correctly, will transform the experience of your life from fear and frustration, to freedom and fulfilment.


Which mentorship is the best for you?

Choose between two programs depending on your own needs and desired outcomes:

Elite Mentorship Forum

Group Mentorship

6 Months

  • 6 month proven system with 10 years of results

  • 13 core video modules with 244 page workbook

  • 28 weekly live video session with peer group and me

  • 11 part pre-study 'Straight Talk' course

  • High-level peer group creating friends for life

  • Accountability Partner/Buddy

  • Ongoing access to a closed community group

  • Ongoing access to study materials

  • Ongoing EMF alumni membership


Private Mentorship Program

1:1 Private Mentorship

6 Months

  • Initial personal evaluation form to understand you

  • Tailored roadmap to meet your needs and outcomes

  • 28 weekly live video mentoring sessions

  • Weekly growth work assignments reviewed by me

  • Strategically designed system to maximize impact

  • Interactive and collaborative experience

  • Learning designed to rewire your subconscious mind

  • Ongoing support for the duration of the program

  • Private and confidential


Apply to work with me:

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