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How to dramatically change your experience by working on the #1 factor which will upgrade all areas of your life

After spending 20 years, $500k on personal growth and all my energy learning to improve the experience of my life, I have embarked on a mission to simplify, educate and empower others to do the same.

I created Master Your Experience mentorship programs with the goal to:

 Provide people with the knowledge, tools and resources to take their own life, relationships, health and performance to the next level.

 Support, empower and guide you on your journey to Master Your Experience of your own life!

 20+ Years Studying with World Leaders
 Invested $500k in Personal Growth
 Holistic Approach Linking 20+ Disciplines

Are you living a life of fulfillment or frustration?

I was sold the same lie you were! 

That chasing success by working harder and faster would lead to me to fulfill all my desires.

I also believed that I would be proud, happy and loved only when I made it to the top of success mountain. But in reality, all that I experienced was frustration, exhaustion and loneliness no matter how much I achieved.

I was leading a quiet life of desperation, constantly focusing on my next goals, anxiously consuming endless information, and feeling overwhelmed with stress.

Listen to how I went from a life of illness, fear and disappointment to a life of freedom, fulfilment and vitality. And how you can too!


I will help you Master Your Experience in 3 key ways:

Master Your Awareness

By acquiring new awarenesses of yourself, you will learn to master your mind and emotions to release old patterns, move beyond your conditioning and unlock boundless new energy, health and vitality

Master Your Relationships

By understanding advanced human behaviour and improving your communication skills you will learn how you can be valued, appreciated and loved for being your true authentic self

Master Your Manifestation

By understanding the specific rules and actions of the manifestation process you can step into your potential and create a new reality aligned with your talents, gifts and contribution

Discover the #1 hidden factor that determines absolutely everything in your life!

Did you know that your reality will only change when you evolve your level of experience?

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it" - Albert Einstein

Understanding this framework provides an empowering lens to:

Gain clarity of your journey up until this point

 Know why you are experiencing all the challenges you are facing

 Get a clear road map of how you can improve your life experience

 Know why other people behave and react the way they do

 Unhook from other people's drama and stories

This knowledge, if applied correctly, can transform your experience of life from fear and frustration, to freedom and fulfilment.


Here's what top business leaders are saying:

Peter Sage - Founder & CEO

"Dean and I go back since 2013. He went from becoming one of my top students to now one of my absolute favorite Trainers. He is an expert when it comes to understanding the concepts of human behavior, transformation and facilitating lasting results. I trust this man with my life. I learn just as much from him, as he does from me. The gifts he has given to the world as a result of who he has become, continuously touches the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to meet him."

➜ International Serial Entrepreneur

➜ Expert in Human Behavior & Self Mastery

➜ 6 times TEDx Speaker

➜ Best Selling Author


Tim Gray - Founder & CEO

"I met Dean on a self development course 15 years ago in London. We bonded exceptionally well because he has such a high level of emotional intelligence and a genuine interest in helping others unravel their issues and negative self-talk. He came from a corporate background knowing that the system was broken, and wanted to help people become better versions of themselves. He is my go to for having a very solid trusted second opinion on anything that I may be going through."

➜ Leading Biohacker

➜ Psychology Specialist

➜ Serial Entrepreneur

➜ Global Speaker

Asad Khan - Founder & CEO

"There are very few people I’ve met who have the depth of knowledge, insight, experience, and actual application of the work on themselves. Dean stands out as one of these rare individuals with talent and a high level of consciousness. For me, Dean has been at the heart of many profound breakthroughs in understanding so much about myself and my life, since 2014 when we first met. When I need to talk about anything important, be it professionally, in my personal relationships or with my health, Dean is my man who I call."

➜ International Entrepreneur

➜ 'Great Taste Award' Winner

➜ Business Mentor & Coach

➜ Fundraiser

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The Elite Mentorship Program

6 Months

Option 2

  • Proven science-backed method
  • Lifetime access to online portal with 13 modules of content
  • 28 x 1 hour weekly Zoom sessions with recordings

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