About Me


My own process of overcoming personal challenges and achieving a life of authenticity and freedom has been highly rewarding. It has inspired me to empower people with the information, tools and support to improve the experience of their own lives by raising their level of consciousness.

I’m a lifelong student of human behaviour, performance and experience improvement. I’ve been immersed in personal development for 2 decades, ranging from psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, communication, relationships, health, and spirituality, learning how to unleash human potential.

With 2 decades of professional experience and a deep understanding of human behaviour, I bring a unique set of skills to my coaching and mentoring programs.

My method focuses on empowering you to reach your full potential and create meaningful change in your life by:

  1. Building your self-worth from within so you no longer require external validation.
  2. Redesigning your psychology to free yourself and comfortably handle any situation or emotion.
  3. Communicating authentically to be loved, valued and appreciated for who you truly are.

Hear what someone else experienced:


Derek Azul

Financial Trader & Technical Project Manager USA

"It was Dean’s personality that really resonated with me. He has this easy-going kind of character that allows you to be yourself. You don’t feel judged, I felt comfortable talking about stuff that I would not normally share which I would bury deep inside myself. His personality allowed me to think really deep. Dean has a real talent for this. He is really passionate about people finding their true selves, being their authentic selves and living at the highest state of being. It shows in the interactions."

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” 

- Carl Jung

Guiding Philosophy

Manifesting your truth starts by developing a self-aware practice. From here you can learn to move through the 4 stages of lasting change

  1. Unconscious of the conditioning, beliefs, fears, emotional triggers and thoughts that are unknowingly limiting you.
  2. Conscious of what you are doing, the reasons why and realising you in fact have the ability to make better choices.
  3. Choice of new ways to be, think, communicate and show up in the world.
  4. Repeat to rewire new neural pathways in your subconscious that empower your beliefs, behaviours and outcomes. 

Transformation is the result of making the unconscious (old programs) within yourself conscious and then choosing a new path (creating new programs). I provide guidance, accountability and practical tools to support you through your process in order to achieve your goals.

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you” - Bob Proctor

How I Work
  • Provide a safe space based on compassion and non-judgement.
  • Help you navigate uncomfortable emotions.
  • Provide opportunities to know yourself more and evolve.
  • Share powerful frameworks which help you make sense of everything you are experiencing.
  • Provide actionable tools to gain real-world results in your daily life.
  • Build strong connections based on trust, understanding and vulnerability.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear” - Lao Tzu

My Personal Story

For 20 years I worked in global corporations measuring, improving customer experiences and business performance. Even though I was growing at an accelerated pace, I was never really satisfied with what I had since I was linking my personal accomplishments with my self-worth. In my limited perception I felt it was never good enough as I constantly compared myself to other high performers. I continuously chased external achievements, significance and approval by anxiously climbing the corporate ladder that left me feeling trapped and miserable.

For many years I felt resentful and bitter which led me to experience health issues that eventually hospitalised me. Personally, I felt constantly triggered because I was not equipped to deal with certain situations and people without feeling emotionally drained. In order to please others I kept neglecting my own needs. I would not express myself authentically to avoid conflict, upset and being blamed. 

I knew things needed to change so I went to look for solutions to relieve my pain, but quickly fell into the trap of thinking I just needed to consume more knowledge; reading every self-help book I could get my hands on, listening to multiple podcasts at the same time and getting lost down the YouTube rabbit hole. I found myself drowning in information but starving for transformation. I discovered it wasn't enough just to keep consuming more knowledge and only understand things intellectually, I needed to change my identity. Then one day through a series of what I would call 'beautiful synchronicities' I found my mentor, Peter Sage. Working with a mentor completely changed my life as I learned to transform my identity from the inside out in ways which I never even knew was possible.

I came to realise that I was compartmentalising different areas of my life and trying to solve them in isolation. On a surface level health issues, stress at work, relationship challenges, self-criticism and suppression of my dreams appeared to be separate from each other. But at a deeper level they all had the same root cause: understanding that my inner state was creating my outer reality. This allowed me to heal my body, have deeper connections and pursue my calling.

I fell in love with the process of personal transformation and made a commitment that I would continue to evolve my identity. I decided to leave the certainty of my high paid global corporate job and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico, embarking on a new adventure to live a life of purpose. I dedicated my life to guide others through a similar process of personal transformation by upgrading their identity to lead a more freeing, fulfilling and purposeful life, whilst saving them time, money and energy. This is the path I would like to share with you!

Complete an application form to explore how I can support you in achieving your goals. I am excited to embark on this transformative journey together to breakthrough your glass ceiling to unlock your potential, freedom and fulfilment.


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