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Use a proven science-backed method to create lasting transformation and start living effortlessly

The strongest force in the universe is a human being living consistently with their identity” – Tony Robbins

Are you drowning in information but starving of transformation?

Does this sound familiar? You...

 Read book after book, maybe multiple books at the same time, perhaps struggle to even finish any.

 Consume many hours of content from YouTube, podcasts or other media.

 Are always eager to soak up more information, it almost feels like it is never enough, it's impulsive.

→ Start things but never really finish them.

→ Are easily distracted by the latest promise, promotional material or so called "guru".

→ Know a lot but you still feel the same and nothing really changes.

→ Have lots of ideas, plans and dreams but find it hard to execute on any of them.

In our modern digital world we have access to an infinite amount of information and yet most of the time we feel that our experience of life does not really change. We still feel like something is missing, being frustrated, stuck and running around in circles.

A common misconception is that information equals transformation. But how many people know it's unhealthy to smoke, and still continue? Intellectually consuming information on its own isn't enough to positively change our behaviour and habits. There are 2 other key steps in the process:

Emotional - you need to relate the information to your life and experience it as an emotion to really understand how it impacts you personally.

Identity - through repetition of your new emotional patterns a new identity is created. With this comes a new set of beliefs, decisions, habits and outcomes. This is the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind which results in lasting transformation.

Want to create lasting change in your life? The quickest and most effective way is to first learn to change your identity!

The Elite Mentorship Forum:

Stop seeking and start changing!

 The Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) is the gold standard of personal growth developed over 30 years. A comprehensive 6-month program designed to breakthrough every single self-limiting belief that holds you back. Equip yourself with the tools to handle any emotionally charged situation allowing you to achieve everything you want to achieve and become everything you wish to be.

Over a short 28 weeks, this powerful, refreshing, life-changing course offers the opportunity to create lasting transformation for you to unlock your fullest potential, resulting in a deeply fulfilling, balanced and self-empowered life.

What EMF graduates experienced and shared:

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This is what you can expect from the EMF:

Transform your life in just 28 short weeks

Find freedom from financial worry and welcome wealth, health and abundance into your life.

Build your self-worth from the inside out and let go of the need for external approval.

Uncover hidden patterns unconsciously controlling your life; then conquer anxiety, stress and addictions.

Contribute your gifts and talents to meaningful work which lights you up with joy and fulfilment.

Master your emotional reactions, disarm your triggers and say goodbye to self-sabotage and procrastination.

Have healthy functional relationships feel; loved, appreciated and valued for being your authentic self.

Gain access to your internal guidance system to find the answers and direction aligned to your truth.

Upgrade your a new model of reality and manifest the life you want, instead of life controlling you.

Handle any challenge with certainty in yourself and develop the ability to navigate it with ease.

Upgrade your peer group to a global network of likeminded, encouraging, and supportive people.


EMF is a proven system developed over 30 years: 

The gold standard of personal growth!

Created by a world leading expert in human behaviour and transformation

The EMF was created by Peter Sage who is a leading world authority on effective personal transformation. Peter is one of the most sought-after mentors in the world today who charges $120,000 USD for private mentorship.

He is committed to sharing his accrued 30 years of knowledge having studied with top mentors such as Dan Pena, Dr Joe Dispenza, NASA Physicist Tom Campbell. Peter created the EMF which is described as the most modern, exciting, authentic, effective, refreshing and valuable personal transformation program ever created.

Peter mentored me privately for 1 year in 2015. We have enjoyed a close relationship for nearly 10 years. I continue to refine my knowledge, experience and delivery of the EMF system.

The value I add when teaching the EMF is showing people how I practically applied the knowledge and the results it has generated. I share authentic personal stories, experiences and case studies. I know every single part of the transformation process intimately, including all the challenges and how to overcome them. I focus on making it very relatable, practical and fun experience for all.

I am passionate and skilled at guiding others through their own process to achieve their own powerful breakthroughs and results!

My own transformational journey and training experience:

Private Mentee

South Africa

Peter started mentoring me privately in 2015 for one full year speaking twice per week.

Lead Mentor


I joined the launch of the first EMF program in 2016 as a Lead Mentor and many subsequent EMFs.

Top Trainer


I joined the first cohort of Elite Mentorship Trainers in 2021 as Peter's most experienced trainer.

Hear what others have experienced by working with me:


Dave Williams

Leading Sports Psychologist USA 

“I’ve known Dean since 2015. I went from someone who only absorbed information to someone having a full transformation. Dean is a master of facilitating the transformation process. I squeezed everything out of him that I could. The growth I’ve experienced has been amazing. Not only have I gained a lifelong friend but every part of my life has gotten so much better. I can now handle uncertainty. My business is thriving. My career absolutely took off and I was able to land my dream job as a mental skills coach for two major league baseball teams. My personal relationships are better than ever. I am a much better Father. Everything around me has improved. Anyone that works with Dean I truly believe has hit the jackpot and I am very grateful to him.”

More examples of what EMF graduates experienced and to share:

View Client Testimonials

Listen to what my mentor says about working with me:


The Elite Mentorship Forum package:

  • 6 month proven transformation program
  • 13 core EMF modules with subtitles
  • 13 module workbook - 244 pages
  • 28 live calls with your peer group and EMF trainer
  • 11 part pre-study 'Straight Talk' course with worksheets
  • 6 month access to an experienced EMF trainer
  • High-level peer group creating Friends for Life
  • Accountability Partner/Buddy
  • Lifetime access to a closed community group
  • Lifetime access to study materials
  • Lifetime EMF alumni membership
  • 100% money back guarantee

EMF is not a program that might change your life. 

EMF will change your life.

How I support your growth:


Helping you prioritise your own growth over self-sabotage patterns, other people’s agendas and a world of 24/7 distractions. Ensuring you complete what needs to be done to move you forward.


Have someone direct your growth path so you can focus your attention on doing the necessary work to evolve, instead of wasting your precious time and energy on figuring out what to do next.


A proven structured system which enables us to measure and track your progress so it is crystal clear how you are growing, gaining more clarity and developing from call to call, ensuring results.


I create a safe space for us to share openly; listening to you with presence, compassion and no judgment. I make it real by sharing from my own personal, relatable, authentic and vulnerable experiences.

Apply to work with me:

 Your transformational journey starts here and now!

You are ONE STEP away from living life on your terms.


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